Syllabus Tool

Most of the Syllabus has already been pre-populated with policies established at the program or university level.


Faculty only need to update the following areas:

  • Instructor Profile

  • Office Hours

  • Course Overview

  • Course Expectations

  • Recommended Textbooks (Optional)

Add sections to create interest and student engagement while also communicating what your students can expect from the class and from you. Learn more about the steps by accessing these curated resources.


Syllabus Resource Guide For Faculty

This job aid provides faculty with a detailed overview on how to utilize the Syllabus Tool.


New Syllabus Tool Tutorial 

Video tutorial explaining how to use the new Syllabus Tool.


Saving and Emailing the Syllabus As a PDF

Learn how to save a PDF copy of the Course Syllabus and send it to your students directly from your Blackboard Course.

Technology-Focused Module


In this short interactive presentation, faculty build new technology-focused skills and learn how to apply teaching best practices in the online classroom. Faculty members complete the online module at their own pace. At the end of the presentation, faculty submit a short survey of their experience to verify completion. There are no required meetings or any other synchronous component for the module.

How long does it take?

The average completion time is 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Blackboard Syllabus Tool Module
    Available Anytime (Module is Self-Paced)
    This self-paced learning module provides a basic overview of how to set up the Syllabus tool in your upcoming Blackboard course.