Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the SOAR/Portal tile?

If the SOAR/Portal tile does not appear within your single sign-on dashboard at https://login.nu.edu, please contact the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@nu.edu.

What is Single Sign-On?

"Single Sign-On allows users to access many software applications and programs using just one SSO username and password. It also offers users the ability to change their passwords and resolve forgotten passwords without having to call the IT Help Desk or Student Concierge Services." (Ref: NU Single Sign-On FAQ)

How do I enter my adjunct time sheet with all of these changes?

The adjunct time sheet is located within the Single Sign-On (SSO). You can access the Adjunct Time Entry chiclet from https://login.nu.edu. If you need assistance with your timesheet, have inquires on your class contract, payments, or current workload please contact adjunctinfo@nu.edu.

Where is the student/faculty portal (SOAR) now?

The student/faculty portal is integrated into the Single Sign-On. You can access your student/faculty portal from https://login.nu.edu. Once logged onto the dashboard, click on the Portal tile.

Where do I find the grade roster now?

The official grade roster is located within your faculty portal. You can access your faculty portal from https://login.nu.edu.

What is SOAR?

The National University utilizes an administrative computer database for Systems Organizations And Resources (SOAR), which serves as a platform where faculty, students, and staff can access academic related tools and resources like:

  • System Alerts
  • Summary of Personal Information
  • Academic Calendar
  • Class Schedule/Information
  • Grades
  • Textbook Information
  • Faculty Resources
  • Quick Links
  • eForms
  • NU Credentials
  • Payroll and HR
  • and Other academic related tools.
You can access the SOAR portal by logging in through Single Sign-On (SSO) at https://login.nu.edu.

How do I obtain an instructor desk copy (textbook) for my upcoming course?

Instructors are able to receive a complimentary copy of the textbook for their upcoming course by submitting a Desk Copy Request eForm within SOAR. For more information visit https://www.cilteaching.org/faculty-textbooks.

The assigned textbook in SOAR is out-of-date or no longer in use, how do I update it?

If the assigned textbook in SOAR is the out of date or out of print edition, the Course Lead of Academic Program Director may submit a Textbook Change Request eForm within SOAR at least 12 weeks prior to the next course offering. This information is not automatically updated once a new edition of the assigned textbook is available. For more information visit https://www.cilteaching.org/faculty-textbooks.

The “Required Textbook” is not available in the Syllabus of my upcoming course. How do I add this information in or who can I contact to update this?

The “Required Textbook” information will automatically populate two Fridays before the start of the term.

What are the SOAR Portal Quicklinks?

The SOAR portal home page Quicklinks section includes links to the tools that adjunct faculty frequently access. Use the Quicklinks to: - ​Access your contracts - View your class information (class times, dates, enrollment) - Record hours on your timesheet - Access messages and notifications - View class rosters and student contact information - Access the grade roster to input final grades

What other resources can I find in my SOAR Portal?

SOAR Portal Menus Below the Quicklinks section are a series of expandable menus. To expand a menu, click on the green plus sign to the right of the menu name.

Where can I find Adjunct Faculty Support Services?

Contact Info For Staffing Inquiries: adjunctstaffing@nu.edu For General Questions: adjunctinfo@nu.edu Adjunct Hourly Compensation FAQs

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