Discussion Boards

Online discussions offer students the opportunity to interact with their peers and present feedback to their colleagues on course-specific topics. Use these resources to create, publish, and grade discussion board activities in your online classroom.

Creating and Linking Discussion Boards

Review this job aid for step-by-step instructions on how to create and link a new discussion board activity.

Participating in Discussion Forums

This resource demonstrates how to reply to a student’s post in a discussion board activity.

Scheduling Discussions

Provides faculty with an overview of how to schedule discussion board activities so the dates show up on the course calendar.

Subscribing to a Discussion

Receive notifications when students post comments in a discussion board activity. Perfect for virtual office discussions.

Grading a Discussion

Offers instructions on how to access and grade discussion board activities, including the use of a discussion participation rubric (if available).

Locating the Rubric for a Discussion

Steps to take to find the threaded discussion rubric in your online classroom.


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Use these resources to create, manage, and grade a variety of assignments in your online classroom.