Virtual Classroom

Introducing Brightspace Virtual Classroom, a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you share files, share applications, and use a whiteboard to interact with your students.

Brightspace Virtual Classroom is a browser-based application and does not require any additional downloads to join a session. 


Make your courses more engaging by giving your students a place where they can interact and collaborate over video with you and with each other. Watch the video for a quick overview.

System Requirements

Checklist of system settings to ensure a quality experience in Virtual Classroom.

Audio/Video Set-Up

Instructions and troubleshooting tips for using audio and video.

Schedule a Session

Schedule Virtual Classroom sessions for synchronous class meetings, office hours, or group collaboration.

Invite a Guest

Invite guest speakers, specific groups, or external subject matter experts to schedule sessions.

Getting Started


Moderating a Session

Launch and End Virtual Classroom

As the moderator you can launch and enter the session 10 minutes early. You are also able to end the meeting for all participants.

Record a Session

Instructions on how to record a session and enable settings to record automatically.

Create a Poll

A guide to creating a polling question, start and stop the poll, and publish polling results.

Upload a Presentation

Learn how to upload and share a presentation.

Share Your Webcam

Explains how to share and display simultaneous webcams.

Share Your Screen/Desktop

Best practices and web browser requirements for sharing your screen/desktop.

Use Annotation Tools

Information about how to use the different annotation tools.


Recordings and Reports

Download Your Recorded Session

Walkthrough of downloading session .zip file and extracting and playing the meeting recording.


Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Connecting with Your Students

Learn more about the different features of the Virtual Classroom to engage and interact with students.


Solutions to common issues you may experience within Virtual Classroom.


Brightspace Faculty FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequently asked faculty questions about Brightspace.

Brightspace Website

Please know we will continue to send updates and opportunities for training as we get close to the launch date.  You can also review updates and migration information on our Brightspace website.


Curated resources for grading student work in Brightspace.


Curated resources to support students in Brightspace courses.