Course Management

Group Work

Setting Up Groups

Learn how to enroll students in assigned and self-assigned small groups.

Group Enrollment Options

Review the different options for enrolling students in groups.


Posting Announcements

Learn how to utilize the announcements feature, add release conditions, and schedule announcements.

Deleting and Restoring Announcements

Review these steps to delete an announcement and restore a previously deleted announcement.

Contacting Students

Use the Classlist feature to contact students directly by email or message.

Creating a Discussion Forum

Add a discussion forum to host new topics.

Adding a Topic to a Discussion Forum

Create a new topic to discuss.

Participating in a Discussion

Interact with your students in class discussion forums.

Subscribing to a Discussion

Follow these steps to receive notifications when students participate in discussion forums.

Tracking Discussion Participation

View discussion forum participation activity and statistics.

Setting Due Dates

Use the Class Calendar to set calendar events for quizzes, assignments, and meetings.

Extending Test Time (Accessibility)

Follow these steps to provide alternative time limits on quizzes to individuals or groups.


Student Progress and Retention

Viewing Student Activity

Track and compare student performance using the Class Progress tool.

Creating Intelligent Agents

Brightspace Intelligent Agents (IAs) are customizable messages that are automatically emailed to students based on criteria that you determine. You can set them up for multiple scenarios such as when students have not logged in to class for a set number of days, have missed a deadline, or have feedback to review.

Conduct a Practice Run (Intelligent Agents)

Find out which students would be identified by your Intelligent Agents without sending email reminders.

Quick Reference Guide

This tool guide provides a basic overview about intelligent agents.

Intelligent Agents Template

These templates outline the recommended settings for each intelligent agent’s intended use case, as well as a sample message, but can be modified as needed.


Brightspace Website

Please know we will continue to send updates and opportunities for training as we get close to the launch date.  You can also review updates and migration information on our Brightspace website.


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