Retention Center

The Blackboard Retention Center allows you to see how your students are performing and efficiently identify students who are at-risk, like those who have not recently accessed the course, have missed assignment deadlines, or scored low on an exam.  Because it is integrated into your Blackboard course, you can easily identify which students you need to reach out to and provide them encouragement and support to get them back on track. The Blackboard Retention Center is highly customizable and allows you to decide what you would like to monitor based on Course Expectations and your own teaching preferences. The following are some basic performance markers:

  • You can set an alert in the Retention Center that flags students who have not logged in, so you can reach out quickly by email and give them a nudge in the right direction.

  • You can set a rule in the Retention Center to alert you to students who do not do well on an exam, so you can reach out to them by email and provide some study tips or supplemental content to support their understanding of the material.

  • In addition to monitoring risk factors like missing assignments and low scores, you can create a rule in the Retention Center to monitor individual students.


Please watch the video below to learn how to set up and use the Blackboard Retention Center.

Retention Center Job Aid

Review this job aid for step-by-step instructions on setting up and using the Blackboard Retention Center in your course to monitor student performance.

Course Activity Report

The course activity overview displays overall activity within a single course, sorted by student and date. Data includes the total and average time spent per user and the total amount of activity the user had in the course.

Performance Dashboard

The Blackboard Performance Dashboard shows an overview of users, last course access, days since last course access, number of items reviewed, grades, and more in one page that can be sorted and printed.

Retention Center Video

Watch this video to learn how to set up and use the Blackboard Retention Center.

Retention and Intervention Plan

Detailed retention and intervention sample plan.

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